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Solid support with improved mobility


Designed for a wide variety of PC cases

Width = 200mm up to 360mm / 7.87″ - 14.17″

Length = 360mm up to 650mm / 14.17″ - 25.59″

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All new PC Stand

Best support that your tower needs

Simple construction

Superior quality and sturdiness with light and simple design

Absolutely massive size range

This stand can fit any modern tower out there in the world. From your average mid tower and up to huge full towers

Uprecedented Airflow

With this stand, your PC will get new air like never before. The open bottom structure allows bottom intake with no obstructions, even carpets will not be an obstacle.

Perfect fit for any environment

Bytesium stand will easily accommodate your PC in any location and on every surface. Take a look, you almost don't see that the PC is standing on something.

All Metal All Black

Stand is designed to hold any type of the PC on a solid metal base and provide maximum mobility and stability